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IToys/Irwin Toy (USA) Complaints and CONSUMER WARNING

George and Peter Irwin, co-owners of IToys/Irwin Toy have discretely gone out of business, screwing over consumers and leaving their debt behind and shafting 100's of people they've owed money too.   They've opened a new company called IToys USA and are trying again.  This is a warning to future customers.

Here are some consumer complaints on their abandoned products.

-PRESS YOU LUCK comments from
"They made.........a really good try to do a hand held game. My whammy and trip icons don't quite work as sometimes I'll stop in a whammy and they'll give me a trip or sometimes cash. Big Bucks for me is next to impossible to land on."

"Certainly anyone who buys an iToys product is indeed.....pressing there own luck! After several major failures I wouldn't be surprized if they go bankrupt come Feburary"

"Thank you so much. You just saved me a few bucks that I can definitely use else where : )"

"it's crap."

"Ugh. I thought of getting that when I first saw it, but now I'm glad I didn't."

-ME2 comments from youtube &
"The Company isn't dead, they're still running miuchiz monsters, but that's almost dead as well. Miuchiz Monsters lasted longer and isn't going to be around much longer, I'm guessing."

"wait do u need the website to play the online world"

"WTH the website isnt working"

"yeah i don,t know what happened???"

"The website is dead. So is the company ??"

"Looks great and fun. Too bad the one I bought my little brother never works! :\ Far out, it said the mac version was coming out a year and a half ago, never came. And when ever we plug it in our other computer, the desktop buddy doesn't work :\"

"Website Dead - dont waste your money on this piece of shit.
Read the fine print in the back of the box it states:
"We reserve the right to terminate ME2 online service after January 2010"
thats what they did & toy shops are still selling them & its still promoted on the manufacturers website a year after they Killed it"

"mine wont work whenever i go to the website it says access forbiddon"

"i cant figure it out neither if someone knows what to do please send me an email at thanks"

-WHEEL OF FORTUNE - Comments from
"The wheel looks slow on the LCD screen."


"I wouldn't recommend it. I know one person who has it, and it seems like there is always a problem."

"Thanks! The information is so limited and the company never replied to my email so I am not going to waste my money. This is just what I needed to hear!!"

Comments will be left open. Anyone who has a complaint is encouraged to post their story.

More Information coming soon.

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